Monday, May 07, 2007


Would anyone like to go to Hiroshima this weekend? Yeah, that's right, THIS weekend. Come on, life is for the living! Here is who and what I'm looking for:
-You are adventurous and will not balk at sleeping on a cushy little white mattress on the floor (especially when, I might add, that cushy little mattress is part of a hideously over-priced ryokan).
-You are willing to eat entirely foreign substances, which may or may not include the likes of whale sperm and/or dirty water soup (which I ate last night, tasty when eaten with hot mustard).
-You will arrive on or before Friday of this week, so that on Friday night of this week, before we set out on the magnetically fast shinkansen bound for Hiroshima, we will treat ourselves to Japan's finest tempura.
-You will not take an excessive amount of photos. Um, after all, I'm not sure what's left to photograph.
-You will not wear attempt to practice with the locals the limited amount of Japanese that you speak.
Is there anyone out there, including my Mom, brave enough to take the challenge?