Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The dream-following radio show has debuted!

WELLINGTON—"LIVE from Mongolia" is now a radio show! And since I'm broadcasting from New Zealand, I'll give you one chance to guess the title. Correct: "LIVE from New Zealand!"

The show, like the book, is about people who pursue their wildest dreams. There were the two self-described "morons" who cycled from one Mongolian city named "Moron" to another Mongolian city named "Moron", and then wrote a book about it. There was ZoĆ« Tryon, the member of British royal society who left all that wealth behind to live in a roach-infested hut in the Amazon to follow her dream to save the Amazon. And there was the failure of a dream—renowned poet Hinemoana Baker's very personal story, which aired just last night. And many more stories. 

If you'd like regular updates about the show, follow our Facebook page @LIVEfromMongolia. There, you'll find podcasts (for instance, although the show about Hinemoana's failed dream aired last night, the podcast will only be released today, so best to tune into the Facebook page if you want an easy link to the download. 

Finally, until December 15th, Goodreads is doing a giveaway for the book. Click the link below to win one of three signed copies, just in time for the holidays! Happy gifting (or receiving, if ya keep it!).

'LIVE from Mongolia!' is the true story of a dream followed, warts and all. Published by Beaufort Books NYC. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in some int'l bookstores. 

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Live from Mongolia by Patricia Sexton

Live from Mongolia

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