Friday, October 26, 2012

Introducing the Dream Series!

Vol. I, No. 1

It all started in Mongolia. 

In 2006 in Ulan Bator, the Mongolian capital, I met an intrepid Irish couple with an unusual dream. Back then, I was pursuing a dream of my own. I'd just resigned from a banking job on Credit Suisse's New York trading floor to move to Mongolia. I'd always dreamed of working in television and news. In Ulan Bator, I'd found an internship at Mongolia National Broadcaster, the country's state-owned television station. As luck and irony would have it, one of the first stories I covered was of someone else pursuing their own dream. 

It was that intrepid Irish couple. They too had just left their corporate jobs behind--to pursue their dream to cycle, yes bicycle, from Ireland to Mongolia. 

What will her dream be? (Photo by Joe Sexton)

Anyway, I began to meet a lot of other people following unusual dreams. Really unusual dreams: an Italian man who left his textiles job to make the world's finest mozzarella cheese in Mongolia, a Frenchwoman who left her corporate job to track endangered horses in the wilds of Khustain, a Mongolian student who left agriculture school to become a rapper. And so on. 

Eventually, I returned to New York, where I wrote a book about my journey--and their journeys. LIVE from Mongolia! is the true story of what can happen when you follow your wildest dream in life. 

And now, all these years later, I continue to meet people pursuing some really oddball paths. And that's where this Dream Series blog comes in! Together, you and I will journey all over the world to meet people, people just like you, who are pursuing unusual dreams in life. Who knows, maybe one day it'll be your story we read!

Stay tuned next week as we journey from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, where we'll meet an engineer-turned-comedian!