Monday, September 21, 2009

'What If...You Did It?'

Ever thought about throwing in the towel on your day job? Recklessly pursuing passion instead of duty? Extricating yourself from the confines of lifestyle for the possibilities of dreams?

I work as the New York Correspondent for London-based International Life magazine, and I've just begun a blog series that will tell a story that is probably familiar to many of you: the story of what happens if you take that leap of faith. You know, the one you've been thinking about taking for years: the painting course, the writing seminar, maybe even changing careers, or traveling to far-flung places. Maybe, like me, you've stood on the edge of that metaphorical cliff for a long time, inching ever closer to the edge, but never quite close enough to jump. And then one day, maybe you too, just did it. Or, maybe you're just about to do so...

Read more in my introductory blog post here on International Life's website, and do share your stories on their comment section or here on my personal blog. I'd love to hear from you.