Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Following a dream - from Siberia to the Mongolian capital


I'd like to introduce you to minus-35 degree weather. Yes, minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in the Mongolian north, up near the Siberian border, a festival takes place, during the dead of one of the world's coldest winters. But I'm not here to tell you about the weather, or even about festivals. I'm here to tell you the story of a most unusual dream, concocted by a very determined little girl and her equally determined parents. 

But before I do, I'd like to show you how the Mongolians celebrate winter. Correction: it's actually how the Mongolians celebrate spring! The annual Khatgal Ice Festival, held on top of Central Asia's deepest and mostly frozen lake, is actually a party celebrating the coming of warmer weather. At minus 35, it certainly couldn't get much colder, could it?

So, sit back, relax in the warmth of your plus-35 degree winter, and watch me as I race with nomads on jingle bell sleds on top of the iced Lake Khovsgol! And stay tuned for a story that you won't want to miss about a little girl from this Siberian region of Mongolia, her family's herd of reindeer, and the circus!


Hebe said...

OMG that is so thrilling - I feel that I was there with you ...... and I tell you - it was REALLY COLDDDD...

donnelly said...

Love it! Looks so fun--but freezing!

Patricia Sexton said...

Hebe: Haha, glad you got that! It was the coldest place I've ever been. Sledding didn't exactly warm me up, either.

Donnelly: Thanks, yes, it was incredibly cold.

Bunkle said...

This looks sooo awesome! And the driver looks like a total fruit loop (come to think of it so does the chick beside him in the hot headscarf!).xxx

Me said...

great writing, i cant wait till the book comes out, please keep writing!

Somnambulist said...

Couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear reading this post :-DDD

Patsou said...

Somnambulist: Just what I love to hear, thank you.

amstravels said...

Hi Patricia,
I stumbled on your blog then realised: we met up at Khovsgol walking lakeside (ice-side?), you with Nara and me with Miranda (aka Voicebox TV Miranda).
I look forward to reading more of your travels and of course, your book!
Best wishes, drop me a line if you're back in Mongolia soon -
Amy (also a Sexton!)