Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to Asia...with a vigorous uvula!

I need to divulge something that at first may seem like superfluous information, but in the context of this tale, is not at all. In fact, without telling you that I sat in the lap of luxury for my trip back to Asia, none of this makes any sense. So, there it is: I flew to Bali in Business Class.

It's been a long time since I flew Business Class. In fact, the last time that I did was right before I quite my banking job. Back then, as I sat in my armchair on a flight to wherever, a stack of unread FX research in front of me, and a long list of unanswered Blackberry emails, I thought: "This is what I'll be giving up if I give up my job." So I gave up my job.

Years on, it was with Christmas morning excitement that I boarded a Business Class flight. Not just any flight, but a twenty-six hour flight. Not just any twenty-six hour flight, but a twenty-six hour flight to Bali, Indonesia. In fact, I was so eager to board that plane that I was the first to do so, right in front of people leaning on canes and in wheelchairs. That, of course, was unintentional. I was simply giddy.

But I digress. The reason for telling you all this is that I had a lot of space in my seat. So much space that I could pick my nose and brush my teeth if I wanted to, without anyone noticing. I mean, I had actual walls around my flat-bed! In fact, I could've picked and brushed at the same time. But I'm not admitting to anything.

Anyway, and the reason for this long-winded little note: the guy two seats away from me (which was quite a distance!) provided an extended soundtrack to my flight. Click the link on the video to listen in. Excuse my sipping port in the middle of the shot - I kinda had to.


Bambam said...

Makes you realise how much background noise there is on a flight... guessing you didn't get that much sleep!!!

Tchaka said...

Ha! We know you picked your nose and brushed your teeth at the same time in the confines of your comfy BA cubicle.