Sunday, October 06, 2013

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Live from Mongolia by Patricia Sexton

Live from Mongolia

by Patricia Sexton

Giveaway ends October 14, 2013.
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I know, I know! I promised nudity—some degree of nudity—in this week's blog post, but isn't a free book so much better, a free autographed book? So let me address business first, before getting to what happened to me in Beijing during an ancient alternative therapy session at an underground Chinese massage parlor.

LIVE from Mongolia has been featured in The Daily Beast! The Daily Beast has a section called "Women in the World," and it's chock-full of stories about Mexico's female vigilantes, Hitler's "killer women," and Russia's Pussy Riot. And me! You can read the article here; it's all about why I took 'the leap' out of Wall Street to follow my dream. There are some surprises in there, stuff that's not even in the book.

Also, I'm really excited to announce that Goodreads will be doing a "giveaway" for LIVE from Mongolia. Two free books are up for grabs: both are advanced review copies, and both will be signed. To join the giveaway for your chance to win, click the link above! The giveaway starts in just a few hours, and lasts until October 14th.

- Patricia Sexton is the author of LIVE from Mongolia, the true story of a Wall Street woman chucking in her job to become anchor of the Mongolian news. She's also host of Sinovision's WE Talk, a talk show exploring how celebrities and artists have overcome big obstacles to pursue extraordinary dreams. She can be found on Twitter @PatriciaSexton and on Facebook @LIVEfromMongolia

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