Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LIVE from…A Dream Come True!

NEW YORK — LIVE from Mongolia, this weekly blog series, has just hit a milestone: 30,000 readers!

Seven or so years ago, when the London chief dealer at Credit Suisse said to me, "You should start a blog before you go to Mongolia," I responded, "A what?" 

Hurray! Thirty thousand readers!
Back then, I'd just quit my sensible job to pursue a dream. Back then, the dream was to become a foreign correspondent, to go to war, to cover conflicts. Back then, I had no idea what would happen next. And that was pretty exciting. It still is.

All these years later, this blog has turned into a book. It's collaborated with a TV show. And it's been to some pretty cool places: North Korea is still my favorite. And Mongolia was my longest stint, the place that changed me the most. New Zealand, for its part, has by far, coughed up the most dreamers of all forty-seven countries I've visited - combined.

So where will "LIVE from Mongolia" go next? I have an inkling, a real dream. It's going to take some planning, and it's going to take an enormous leap of faith, but I look forward to telling you, all thirty thousand of you, all about it. Thanks for joining me on this journey. You readers make it all worthwhile.

- "Light, humorous, and relentlessly optimistic." -Publishers Weekly's review of LIVE from Mongolia, the book. Published by Beaufort Books, October 2013. Available on Amazon, bn.com, and in bookstores internationally. 

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