Monday, November 18, 2013

LIVE from Cincinnati: Sitting down with The CW's Bob Herzog

Vol. III, No. 7

My first time on live television was about seven years ago. For a full two seconds (I counted; I was very nervous), I asked a fire chief if there were any casualties in a Midtown West fire in Manhattan. The fire chief answered, "No." And with that, my voice and my microphone-holding forearm had made their debut into the world of on-air television. They'd debuted on WCBS, courtesy of Magee Hickey, who had taken me under her wing before I left for Mongolia.

"Mongolia?" you ask, just the same way my Dad asked when I told him where I was going after I quit Wall Street to pursue my dream.

To which I reply: yes. Yes, yes, yes: Mongolia! It was an incredible adventure, and to read more about why I went to Mongolia, and in particular how my Dad reacted when I did, you're gonna have to read the book, LIVE from Mongolia. It's the true story of what can happen if you pursue your wildest dream.

But back to Cincinnati! Sitting down with Bob Herzog and getting a chance to meet with John Lomax and Tiffany Wilson was pretty cool. I grew up watching John Lomax, and I told him that. To which he replied that I'd made him feel old. Which then made me feel old, too. Nevertheless our glum moment passed, and I sure would love to return to the set of Good Morning Cincinnati to update them on the book when I return here for Christmas.

Patricia Sexton is the author of LIVE from Mongolia, the true story of what can happen when you pursue your wildest dream. She's hosted Sinovision's WE Talk, a talk show about people following their wildest dreams, worked for CBS News, written for Britain's International Life, and been featured in The Daily Beast, Northern Virginia Mag, and several radio stations. She authors her weekly blog, LIVE from Mongolia, and is on Twitter and Facebook - eponymously!

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